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EU and Public Funding

Since 2009 we proactively support companies, organisations and start-up to unlock public funding opportunities through various financial channels of the EU institutions and other public bodies in the EMEA region.

Our approach to accessing the EU and public funds focuses on delivering tangible economic results and establishing long-term partnerships between private beneficiaries and public donors and our broad network of contacts among stakeholders and decision-makers in the EMEA region is extremely supportive and helpful in this task.

Despite the high-level contacts “discretion and effectiveness” have always been our master guidelines and this way of acting out of the spotlight led us to important successes in the greatest discretion.


Our customised service is extremely accurate and all-inclusive and allow customers to be fully supported from the first step to the last. In a nutshell our job can be summarized as follow:

Preparation  ( Evaluation Stage 5 months )


  • Funding Strategy & Roadmap

  • Pre-Evaluation of the Project Idea

  • Call Analysis

  • Consortium Building

  • Consortia Search


Application  ( Monitoring Stage 3 months )


  • Proposal Drafting

  • Proposal Evaluation & Coaching

  • Work Packages & Budget

  • Communication support with program coordinator & project partners

  • Application & Administrative Support


Project Management


  • Strategic Counsel

  • Technical Reporting

  • Communication support with program coordinator & project partners

  • Evaluation of Administrative & Financial Performance

  • Dissemination & Exploitation


We are experts in the EIC Accelerator.

The EU has pledged over €10 billion to fund deep tech innovations building on scientific discovery in any field of technology with a meaningful impact on society.


It specifically aims to fund innovations where significant funding is needed over a long time frame before returns can be generated, and which struggle to attract financing because the risks and time period involved are too high.


 It supports later stages of technology development as well as scale up: the technology must have been tested and validated (e.g. at least Technology Readiness Level 5 or higher).


The EIC Accelerator provides the following financing options:



Up to €2,5 million

A “grant” of up to €2,5 million for pre-market innovation activities (e.g.Technology Readiness Levels 6 to 8), which can be combined with



Up to €15 million

An “equity investment” of up to €15 million for market deployment and scale up  (e.g. Technology Readiness Level 9)

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