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Exclusive Services

At Wiser Consulting Services we provide M&A advisory on sell  - buy side assignments , due  diligence, valuation  and market intelligence. We are recognized for our access to key  decision  makers  in  the  fintech and eco- friendly industries, its ability to position clients strategically, and its skill to close transactions in an expedited manner.

Development capital

Businesses frequently reach a stage in their development where the introduction of outside capital (whether debt or equity) is necessary to take the business to its next growth phase.

Pafa works with expanding companies to manage the introduction of external capital. Initially, we will appraise the potential of the development to support external capital.

We then work with the management of the business to build a business plan and associated projections that looks critically at the opportunity and possible funding structures. This plan needs to present the opportunity concisely to potential funders.

We introduce the management to potential funders, and thereafter, project manage negotiations with funders through to completion. As with all Pafa transactions, our aim is to manage the project, allowing the management to manage the business.


Corporate acquisitions

Wiser Consulting Services is highly experienced in helping its clients to make acquisitions of other companies. Frequently these can involve raising of external funds to support the acquisition.

Our role typically starts with an appraisal of the target and its strategic relevance to the client’s business. Unless discussions with the target are already underway, it is typical that we are involved in making initial anonymous approaches to ascertain if there is a transaction to be achieved.

Once discussions are properly underway, our role is to act as project management, ensuring that the transaction moves forward to completion briskly. This involves negotiations with vendors, and frequently, with funding partners as well.

Our role is to project manage the acquisition, allowing the client management to focus on running the business, both before and after the acquisition.


Management buy-outs

Our team is highly experienced in the conduct of management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs). We recognise that most management teams are unfamiliar with the process and require professional support through what can be a roller coaster of emotions. Our role starts with an assessment of the true viability of a buy-out, based on an analysis of the potential transaction and our understanding of the funding marketplace.

We work closely with management teams to develop a business plan which is tailored to the requirements of the potential funders.

We aim to match MBO teams with funders that are focused on their sector and size of business, and importantly, are appropriate in terms of the growth prospects of the business. On the other side of the transaction we lead negotiations with the vendor, whether they be retiring shareholders or corporates.

Our role is to keep negotiations with funders and vendors moving smoothly to completion, leaving the management team to focus on the vital area of running the business.

​Changes in economic conditions create opportunities. Opportunity has been the catalyst of many an MBO.


Equity & Venture Capital Solutions - Unsecured Lending

Our principal aim is to support clients in achieving their long term strategic goals. As such, we are delighted to announce our Partnership with some strong Financing Companies, to access Venture & Equity Funds and Unsecured Loans on terms of between 5 and 10 years. They offers long term flexible finance to support our clients strategic goals and accelerate growth.

Equity & Venture Capital Funds are delivered both to Start Ups and SMEs

Equity Funds & Venture Capital Funds can be made available to any business including early stage ones. We also take care of businesses to be implemented giving the Promoters with all the necessary financial synergies for an optimal development of their ideas and projects.

Our relationship with these financial sources addresses the funding gap in the market where traditional lenders are unable to provide longer term unsecured credit. Specifically we extend the debt capacity of established SMEs through loans provided against future cash flows rather than security.

Wiser Consulting Services and its Partners believe solutions should be straightforward, processes concise and pricing fair.

Loans are made available to any established business at fixed interest rate of between 2.5% – 6.5% and straight-line depreciation. Lending is truly unsecured with no personal guarantees, debentures or warrants and can be used to for a variety of applications including working and development capital, fixed asset investment, acquisitions, management buy-outs, management buy-ins and share buybacks.

If you are an established business with more than two years trading history we'll act on your behalf to assess the eligibility of your proposal and prepare your credit submission. This includes developing your strategic and financial plan sufficient to meet the requirements of the lender credit committee.

Once your submission is made, the lending process takes between four to five weeks and we manage the process on your behalf all the way to drawdown. We help you through the term of your loan managing your quarterly reporting requirements – allowing you to get on with growing your business.

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Let's Work Together

Our  philosophy  is  to  provide  our  clients with the  highest quality of service to assist them in achieving  their strategic objectives and to create value for their  stakeholders. We accomplish this by focusing on the three pillars of a quality advisory service:

Customer centric focus – we  dedicate  a  lot  of time  towards understanding our client’s business in order to  1) understand the issues facing the business and 2) develop criteria which we use to assess and rank advisory solutions;

Objective and data driven analysis – we use analytical processes to deepen our understanding of the issues facing the business and to generate alternative solutions.

Independent commercial advice and timely implementation – we present our independently derived advisory solution for the business and assist with the timely implementation of the solution.

We pride ourself on the high quality, objectivity and independence of advice provided.

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